Hacking Explained: URL Spoofing Trick
February 2019 | Michael Wetherald

When a user loads an https link in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer it shows a nice green secure lock and protocol (https) in the url:

https url in google chrome

However when you load an http url it trims the protocol from the url bar:

http url in google chrome

This opens up the opportunity for a subtle trick for url spoofing in Chrome. What if we use https as the domain and put the domain we’re spoofing in the path like this?

http://https//www.google.com loaded in google chrome with http:// trimmed from the beginning

We can have the browser render pages that include https in the url bar and may appear legitimate to the less security-conscious (or just less conscious) user.

google.com loaded in our spoofed url http://https//www.google.com

Check out my other articles describing ARP Spoofing and DNS Spoofing which demonstrate how one would be in a position to utilize this trick.

Here’s a demonstration of how this trick can be used to generate a pretty convincing victim scenario:

GIF demonstration of someone navigating through several different pages using this spoofed url trick

I’ve utilized this trick in the development version of my universal man-in-the-middle tool CopyCat. Once that’s a little more stable I’ll be releasing the latest more powerful version as well as a full writeup on how it works.

I haven’t thought of any legitimate reasons for these web browsers not to show the protocol in the url bar as they do with https. But if they have good reasons to do so, they should be weighed against this potential attack.

Michael Wetherald
Security Engineer and Co-Founder

Michael is the inventor of a patent pending web proxy technology and brings to Viam his expertise in web and Linux security. Outside of work he enjoys carpentry, having built a dog mansion for his spoiled dog.

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