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Of Small to Medium Size Businesses Fold After A Serious Security Incident


Of Small to Medium Size Businesses Annually Becomes A Victim Of A Security Incident

Source: BizJournals.com

Test Your Security With Penetration Tests and Red Team Operations

Validate Preventive Measures

You have invested in many preventive measures to protect your organization. Penetration tests and red team assessments will put those measures to the test to ensure they are working as intended.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are the openings adversaries use to compromise your organization. Penetration tests and red team assessments will identify some of the highest risk vulnerabilites in your environment before they can be exploited by criminals.

Evaluate Incident Response

How prepared is your incident response team to detect and respond to a security breach? A red team assessment will test your blue team's intrusion detection and response to security breaches.

Assess Breach Impact

A red team assessment will provide you a realistic scenario to determine the impact a security breach could have on your organization.

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